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Visualization library of meteorological data.

a maptalks / mapbox-gl / leaflet / openlayers / bmap / amap extension to show grib data.

易扩展(Easy to extend)

抽离了核心渲染库,便于扩展到其他地图渲染库(The core rendering library is separated, which is easy to extend to other map rendering libraries.)。

易用(Easy to use, more user-defined parameters)

粒子数量、线宽、颜色支持多种配置方式(The number of particles, line width and color support multiple configurations.)。

高性能(High performance)

核心图层支持 webgl 渲染,已适配了 mapbox-gl、maptalks、leaflet、openlayers 地图类库(The core layer supports webgl rendering, which is currently adapted to mapbox gl, maptalks, leaflet and openlayers.)。

Released under the MIT License.